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Delhi HC Has Passed An Injunction Restraining The Defendants From Using Trademark “VOLVO”

The Delhi HC on 29th June 2020 granted an interim injunction against the Mantis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to stop them using the Plaintiff’s Trademark “VOLVO” in their website, domain name and trade name. Facts of the case: – The plaintiff (VOLVO) claim that they adopted the registered trademark and the corporate name “VOLVO” on 05.05.1915.…
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July 6, 2020 0
iskcon temple

“ISKCON” Is A Well-Known Mark In India: Bombay HC

Section 2(1) (zg) of Trade Mark Act, 1999 defines “Well-known” trade mark. Inshort, well-known trademark means a mark which has become so to the substantial segment of the public which uses such goods or services tha the use of such mark in relation to other goods or services would be likely to be taken as…
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June 30, 2020 0

Lifebuoy vs. Dettol: An Old Battle Of Disparagement

Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. vs Hindustan Unilever ltd (2020): Read Complete Judgment Click Here DETTOL (Plaintiff) vs. LIFEBUOY (Defendant) There is long history of series of disputes arising on the ground of Disparagement (act of making unflattering statements against someone or something.) between the Plaintiff (Dettol) and Respondent (Lifebuoy). The latest case being about RB…
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June 15, 2020 0

Whether Publishing Of Bare Acts By Pvt Publishers Amounts To Copyright Infringement Of Govt.?

  Recently, a Plea was filed before the Supreme Court that the Private companies are selling bare acts at a very high price and which is the violation of Artcle 19(1)(a) [Freedom of speech and expression]. Plea also highlighted that this provision obligates the government to bring to knowledge of citizens the law prevalent in…
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June 13, 2020 0

MRF Tyres vs. METRO Tyres: Copyright Dispute On The Advertisement

  Mrf Limited. vs Metro Tyres Limited. CS(COMM) 753/2017 Delhi HC FACTS The plaintiff (MRF) is engaged in the business of manufacture, marketing and sale of tyres in about sixty-five countries including India and is widely recognized for its quality and customer satisfaction. The plaintiff has been manufacturing and selling a range of tyres and…
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June 5, 2020 0

Dettol v. Devtol: Delhi HC imposed Rs.1 Lakh Cost On Devtol

  RECKITT BENCKISER (INDIA) PVT. LTD v. MOHIT PETROCHEMICALS PVT. LTD. & ANR. [1] Facts: The Plaintiff (“Dettol”) has by notice objected defendent (“Devtol”) to use infringe mark as of Plaintiff. Accordingly, Plaintiff approached the Delhi HC. The Cousel appearing for Defendant accepted the summons and notice of application sent by Plaintiff. The Cousel appearing…
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June 1, 2020 0