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Essentials of Muslim Marriage: Competency/Consent/Prohibited Relationship

Essentials of Muslim Marriages are as follow:- Numonic — (CCD F) There are Four Essentials of Muslim Marriages:- 1. Competency: Competency is based on three things- i) Religion– In sunni law, muslim male can marry kitabia (Kitabia is person who is christian or jew) whereas a muslim female cannot marry anyone except a muslim male.…
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Types of Muslim marriages: Sahi/Batil/Fasid Marriage

 TYPES OF MARRIAGES UNDER MUSLIM LAW: 1. Sahi Marriage (Valid)- “Sahi” means Valid. Which means it satisfies all the essential conditions of valid marriage. Consequences of Sahi Marriage are: i) Consummation is legal. ii) Children born are legitimate and will inherit the property. iii) Husband and Wife will inherit each other’s property. iv) Wife gets…
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