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United Nation Security Council: India Elected As Non-Permanent Member for The 8th Time

Recently in news: For the 8th time, India will occupy non-permanent member seat of UNSC (United Nation Security Council). Earlier, Afghanistan agreed to set aside for the 2021-22 seat, in a friendly gesture because India has been planning for a seat in 2021-22 since 2013 as the year will mark its 75th year of Independence.…
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June 22, 2020 0

South China Sea Dispute: Phillipines Vs. China

THE SOUTH CHINA SEA DISPUTE Location: Sea between South of China and North of Indonesia. Number of countries involved: China, Phillipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. History: 1. China claims that since Xia and Han dynasty (2000 to 4000 years old) china has control over the South China Sea. 2. Nine-das-line was formed by China…
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June 9, 2020 0

Religious Freedom In India Is In Downward Direction Over Violence, Mob-lynching: US Commission on International Religious Freedom

  What is USCIRF? The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom(USCIRF) is a U.S. federal government commission created by theInternational Religious Freedom Act of 1998. USCIRF Commissioners are appointed by the President and the leadership of both political parties in the Senate and the House of Representatives. USCIRF researches and monitors international religious freedom…
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May 28, 2020 0

Journey from GATT to WTO: History & meaning of GATT & WTO.

GATT- General Agreement on Trade & Tariff (Signed in 1948 & ended in 1994) WTO- World Trade Organisation (Came into existence in 1995) Bretton Woods Conference (1944) GATT has its origin from the Bretton woods conference 1944 towards the end of World War-II. GATT began in 1947 with 23 members and forerunner of present day WTO which…
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February 29, 2020 0

Indus Water Treaty: Worry for India?

INDUS WATER TREATY Indus river (Sindhu) length= 3100km Ganga river length= 2525km Brahmaputra river length= 2800km Indus river is one of the longest river in Asia. Although Yangtze river is the longest river which flows in China and 21st longest river in the world. Indus river starts from China (near kailash mansarover) and enters India…
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January 12, 2020 0