Insurance Fraud Arrests: Collusion Exposed in Truck Sale

Insurance Fraud Arrests: Collusion Exposed in Truck Sale 1

Haryana Police apprehend suspects involved in fraudulent truck sale.

Four individuals, Manoj Kumar, Hanif, Anil, and Arif, were apprehended by the Crime Branch Sector 85 Faridabad, Haryana police, on charges of cheating and criminal conspiracy against Shriram General Insurance Co. Ltd. Here’s a breakdown of the incident:

Fraudulent Truck Sale:
– Manoj Kumar, in collusion with Hanif, Anil, and Arif, purportedly sold his truck (registered as HR-38Y-2949) to Hanif.
– Initially, Manoj filed a complaint with the Dabua Police Station, claiming that his truck was stolen on January 26, 2023. Subsequently, he filed a theft claim with the insurance company.

Revelations During Investigation:
– Upon investigation, it surfaced that Manoj Kumar had defaulted on his truck’s installments to the bank.
– Consequently, he sold the truck to Hanif for Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two Lakhs), with Anil and Arif aiding in the transaction, each receiving Rs. 10,000/- as commission.

Insurance Company’s Response:
– Mr. Praveen Chippa, AGM of Shriram General Insurance Company, reiterated the company’s commitment to honoring legitimate claims from bona fide policyholders.
– He also underscored the company’s unwavering determination to combat fraud and spurious claims at any cost.

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