Man Arrested on Pretext of Issuing Fake Insurance Policy & Cheating an Insurance Company

<strong>Man Arrested on Pretext of Issuing Fake Insurance Policy & Cheating an Insurance Company</strong> 1

Gurugram: In November 2023, a team from Shivaji Nagar police station (Gurugram) arrested a man on the pretext of issuing a fake insurance policy and cheating an insurance company. The FIR was lodged against the accused (Mr. Rupesh Kumar Chaurasia) in the year 2022 regarding fabricating and forging the insurance policy under Sections 420, 467, 468, and 471 of the Indian Penal Code.

Timeline of the case:

  • It is alleged that the accused who is a resident of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, has caused loss to insurance companies (Shri Ram General Insurance Co.) by defrauding them by issuing fabricated and forged insurance policies.
  • The accused had taken the Agency of Shri Ram General Insurance Company in the name of his wife Mrs. Kavita Chaurasia, under which the accused used to make fake insurance policies of different vehicles.
  • In the present case, the vehicle involved in the accident was the truck which was insured by Shriram General Insurance for the insurance period from 18.10.2016 to 17.10.2017, however, the truck was not insured on the day of the accident, hence a fake insurance policy dated 02.10.2016 was issued by the accused.
  • The above insurance policy was made and given to the vehicle owner for the time period from 2.10.2016 to 1.10.2017, which was presented by the vehicle owner in his defence before the court. On investigation by the insurance company, the above insurance policy was found to be false.
  • On the request of Shri Ram General Insurance company, the court took appropriate action against the accused directed the police to register an FIR against the above accused (Mr Rupesh Kumar Chaurasia), and passed an order for investigation.
  • Further, on 18th November, Police in compliance with the court order arrested the above accused, and accordingly, he was sent to jail. The action taken by the Police Station Shivaji Nagar is being praised all around by society.

About article:

The above information is provided by Mr Praveen Kumar Chhipa who is Asst. General Manager at Shriram General Insurance. The above information is based on what Mr. Praveen told us and based on orders passed by Gurugram Court.

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