What is ‘Vakalat-nama’? [Copy Attached]

What is 'Vakalat-nama'? [Copy Attached] 1

Every person whether he is accused or a victim, he needs an advocate to defend his case and for that purpose that person requires the Vakalarnama to authorise the lawyer to act on his behalf.

“Vakalatnama” is made from two words ‘vakalat‘ means Practising law as a lawyer and ‘nama‘ means nameSo, it means that when the accused or a victim in a criminal case or civil case authorise an advocate to make arguments on the facts of the case  before court of law for any case on the behalf of an accused or a victim, it is know as Vakalatnama.

Vakalatnama authorise an advocate to make arguments on the case of his / her client on basis of legal provisions.There is prescribed fees for purchasing the Vakalatnama. The fees is around ₹60 per vakalatnama in UP. Also, ₹10 stamp duty is also affixed on Vakalatnama. The fees of vakalatnama may vary from state to state.

VAKALNAMA is the important document to initiate a proceeding in any court, whether it is District Court or High Court or Supreme Court.

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What is 'Vakalat-nama'? [Copy Attached] 2
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