Govt makes High Security Registration Plate mandatory (HSRP): What Legally You Should Be Aware?

Govt makes High Security Registration Plate mandatory

HSRP stands for High Security Registration Plate.

Govt makes High Security Registration Plate mandatory. As per Section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, no vehicle can be driven by any person in public place places in India until it is registered by a registering authority. The Rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989 mentions that it is mandatory to have HSRP. Also, Rule 50 describes fonts, colours, symbols etc required in a number plate of a vehicle so that all the number plate do not differ from each other. Further, non-compliance of this rule will attract a heavy fine on all the violators.

According to the amended Motor Vehicle Act, a Vehicle without HSRP can be fined Rs. 10,000/-, which has been compounded to Rs. 5,500/- by the Delhi Transport Department. A similar amount of fine is applicable on cars registered in Delhi that do not have colour-coded fuel stickers. However, Vehicle plying from the neighbouring states such as Uttar Pradesh (UP), Haryana etc have been spared for sometime but it will become mandatory for them as well in the coming days.

Things that makes High Security Number Plate (HSRP) different from old number plates:-

1. HSRP shall be displayed both at the front and at the rear of all motor vehicles clearly and legibly in the form of a security license plate;

2. The plate shall be a solid unit made of 1.0 mm aluminum conforming to DIN 1745/DIN 1783 or ISO 7591. Border edges and corners of the plate shall be rounded to avoid injuries to the extent of approx. 10 mm and the plates must have an embossed border. The plate shall be suitable for hot stamping and reflective sheet has to be guaranteed for imperishable nature for minimum five years. The fast colouring of legend and border to be done by hot stamping;

3. The plate should bear the letters “IND” in blue colour on the extreme left centre of the plate. The letter should be one-fourth of the size of letters and should be buried into the foil or applied by hot stamping and should be integral part of the plate;

4. Each plate shall be protected against counterfeiting by applying chromium-based hologram, applied by hot stamping. Stickers and adhesive labels are not permitted. The plate shall bear a permanent consecutive identification number of minimum of seven digits, to be laser branded into the reflective sheeting and hot stamping film shall bear a verification inscription;

5. Apart from the registration marks on the front and rear, the third registration mark in the form of a self-destructive type, chromium-based hologram sticker shall be affixed on the left-hand top side of the windshield of the vehicle. The registration details such as registration number, registering authority, etc., shall be printed on the sticker. The third registration mark shall be issued by the registering authorities/approved dealers of the license plates manufacturer along with the regular registration marks, and thereafter if such sticker is destroyed it shall be issued by the license plate manufacturer or his dealer;

6. The plate shall be fastened with a non-removable/non-reusable snap lock fitting system on rear of the vehicle at the premises of the registering authority;

The license plates with all the above specifications and the specified registrations for a vehicle shall be issued by the registering authority or approved by the license plates manufacturers or their dealers. The Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi or any of the agencies authorized by the Central Government shall approve the license plate manufacturers to the above specification.

Size of number plates:-

The size of the plate for different categories of vehicles shall be as follows:—

For two and three-wheelers 200 x 100 mm

For Light Motor Vehicles/Passenger cars 340x200mm/500x 120 mm

For medium commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and Trailer/combination 340 x200 mm:

For agricultural tractors shall be as follows:— Front 285×45 mm Rear 200×100 mm

Language, Font & Colour:-

The letters of the registration mark shall be in English and the figures shall be in Arabic numerals and shall be shown:—

(A) In the case of transport vehicles in black color on a yellow background;

(B) In other cases, in black color on white background, the registration mark on the trailer shall be exhibited on the left-hand side in black color on yellow background.

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